Eureka E46 Technical Support

Technical Support

Welcome to our technical support section for instant solutions for the most common technical queries including parts drawings, operator manuals and troubleshooting tips.


Eureka E46B (Battery Version)

Operator Manual

Parts Manual

Operator Notice

Eureka E46C (Electric Version)

Operator Manual

Parts Manual

How to fill and empty the Eureka E46

Overview of the Eureka E46 controls

How to change the brush or pad holder on the Eureka E46

How to remove the fresh water and recovery tanks, how to remove & clean the Eureka E46 squeegee bar in case of a blockage

How to check for blockages in the squeegee hose and gaskets

How to remove & clean & refit the Eureka E46 fresh water filter

How to charge the E46 scrubber dryer

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