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Truvox CR48 aka PTS Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning System - Low Moisture, Rapid Dry, Professional Carpet Cleaning

A high productivity, cost effective, low moisture carpet cleaning system

  • The system features polymer chemistry that encapsulates dirt for cleaner carpets for longer
  • Cleans up to 300m2 per hour
  • Specialised cleaning solution applied using our Encapsulation Machine
  • Deep cleaning restores brightness to even heavily soiled carpets
  • Low moisture cleaning so carpets dry quickly
  • No soil attracting residues, which means carpets stay cleaner for longer
  • Eliminates wicking problems- stains do not appear on the surface as carpet dries

Method Overview

  1. Vacuum Carpets
  2. Prepare machine for use
  3. Pre-spray any stains or high traffic areas
  4. Fill solution tank with clean water & encap low-moisture solution
    (light soiling = 1:16 - 325ml per 5L, heavy soiling = 1:10 - 50ml per 5L)
  5. With machine running apply solution to the carpet until thin white foam is obtained (do no over-wet the carpet)
  6. Carry out 1 wet pass followed by 2-3 dry passes
  7. Repeat above if necessary for any heavily soiled areas
  8. Rinse out tank
  9. Carpet will be touch dry in 1hr approx. (allow overnight drying for full encapsulation process to take place)
  10. Remove encapsulated dirt by routine vacuuming the next day

Caution: before cleaning, test a small area with shampoo solution to ensure colourfast

Technical Specification 

  • Voltage - 230v / 50Hz
  • Solution tank capacity - 25 litres
  • Working width - 48cm
  • Speed - 400rpm
  • Pad/brush pressure - 38 g/cm2
  • Motor height - clearance - 45mm
  • Sound pressure level - 60dB(A)
  • Weight - 47kg
  • Cable length - 15m
  • Dimensions - 80 x 80 x 112cm


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Truvox CR48 Encapsulation Machine

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