Floor Buffer Operating Instructions

Floor Buffer Operating Instructions


Watch our online demonstration video on how to use your Victor Rotary machine


The following instructions should be used as a guide only.
Machines should only be used by fully trained & authorised operators.
Please refer to the operating manual supplied with your machine or refer to the relevant manufacturer where further information or advice is required.

1) Attach drive board and pad:

  • Tilt the machine back on its wheels until the machine is resting on the floor exposing the drive mechanism.
  • The brush or drive board should now be placed on the drive mechanism and locked in place by turning the brush or board anti clockwise.
  • If a drive board is used, you must select the appropriate size and grade of pad and fit to the drive board.
  • With the brush or drive board fitted, the machine can be returned to the upright position.
  • Reverse process to remove brush or drive board.

    Attach drive pad (LYNX / EXCEL Models):
  • Tilt the machine back on its wheels until the machine is resting on the floor exposing the drive mechanism.
  • Unscrew the central pad retainer by pushing it inwards and rotating it anticlockwise.
  • Select grade and size of pad: Excel 16 = 16” pad, Lynx 17 = 17” pad, Lynx/Excel 20 = 20” pad.
  • Screw the central pad retainer clockwise through the pad and into the threaded location in the drive mechanism. The pad retainer should click when fully tightened.


    2) Operate the machine: (See graphic)
  • Plug into power supply and check that the green power on light is on. (fig 2)
  • The handle should be adjusted to a comfortable working height, when the pad or brush is flat on the floor.
  • The handle is adjusted by pulling the height adjustment lever (fig 4). This allows the handle to be adjusted. The handle will lock into position when this lever is released.

    EXCEL Models: Once lock is released, the handle is ‘free floating’ enabling the operator to work at a preferred handle height.
  • Lift the handle so that the machine base is parallel to the floor.
  • Operate the machine by sliding one of the safety switches (fig 1) outwards and lifting the corresponding on/off lever (fig 3). Once in operation, the safety switch can be released.
  • To start vacuum option, ensure exhauster power cable is connected to the inlet socket (fig 6), press switch located at the top of the exhauster unit (fig 7) to the on position.
  • Apply solution by lifting solution dispenser lever (fig 5 ). (If Applicable)

    3) Control machine movement:
  • When the brush or pad is flat on the floor, the machine will stay in the central position.
  • To move to the Right – slightly Raise the handle.
  • To move to the Left – slightly Lower the handle.

    Control machine movement (LYNX / EXCEL Models):
  • The machine is operated in a forward motion, do not use the machine in a stationary position.

    a) This machine should only be used by trained operators.
    b) Do not use this machine unless it is in a safe condition. Check the cable and plug for damage before use, and if necessary, replace with a new cable pack.
    c) To stop the machine, release the on/off switches whilst holding on to the handle.
    d) Always pay attention to the cable and keep it away from the brush, driveboard and pad. Hazard may occur if machine runs over power supply cord. e) Always work within the cable length to avoid cable stress or damage. f) When using a solution tank, always empty the tank after use into a safe, suitable, approved location. g) Never use dirty pads or allow pads to become over soiled before changing. h) This machine has been designed for use with the boards supplied by the manufacturer. The fitting of other Boards may effect its safety. For a guide to different Board types and their intended use, refer to the VICTOR Rotary Floor Machines brochure, available on request.
    i) Check that the voltage shown on the serial number plate is suitable for the supply available.
    j) Only use the outlet socket for its intended purpose.(Exhauster Attachment)
    k) Machine ingress rating : IPX4
    l) The VICTOR Rotary Floor Machines maximum A-Weighted sound pressure level Lpa measured in dB(A) is less than 85dB(A).
    m) The maximum r.m.s. acceleration value of a VICTOR Rotary Floor Machine which operators arms are subjected to =1.5m/s².
    n) Always remove plug from mains socket outlet before carrying out any cleaning, routine maintenance, drive board or pad attachment.
    O) Always remove Drive Board or Brush from machine when not in use.

    THIS FLOOR POLISHER IS FITTED WITH A CIRCUIT BREAKER If the machine is overloaded, the circuit breaker will trip out. The reset button can be depressed after 30 seconds to restart the machine.

    1) The pad, if a drive board is used , is clean. (if not, turn or change)
    2) There are no cable or supply faults.

    Always remove plug from socket outlet before carrying out any routine maintenance.
    1) Wipe all surfaces of the machine after use, particularly after scrubbing or spray cleaning.
    2) Always wind the cable around the bottom cable hook and the handle.
    3) Wipe power cable clean after use, using a cloth. Check cable visually for signs of wear and damage. If any is detected, ensure that it is replaced immediately.
    4) (Lynx Models) It is important that the dust collection bag is changed regularly.
    5) (Exhauster Models) Change dust bag when bag full indicator light comes on.
    6) (Lynx / Excel Models) The seal on the skirt can be removed and refitted the other way around to double the life.