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* 2013 model

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Eureka E81 32" 80L Large Walk Behind Floor Scrubber Dryer *** PREOWNED UNIT ***

The Eureka E81 scrubber dryer is a rugged, professional walk-behind, pedestrian scrubber dryer, ideal for cleaning larger floor areas of 3500m2 to 5000m2. It has a cleaning width of 825mm, twin brush deck, which combined with a 4km/hr speed boasts an area coverage of 3300m2/hr.


Made from a durable sanded chassis,treated with Zinc Phosphate and finally coated with thermo-hardened paint.


It protects the vacuum-motor against dust/debris to ensure more durability and lasting life. 


Multi-fuction display with intuitive controls.


The battery charger is available as standard on all models.


Die-cast aluminium head, with bumpers and self-leveling splash-guard.


Its shape is of significant importance as its primary function is to pick up dirty water with the aid of a vacuum motor. It is, in fact ,when the drying takes place that that work is optimised, as when one eliminates the soiled water all that is guaranteed to remain is a brilliantly clean and shiny surface. Other important variables that were taken into consideration when designing the squeegee were: materials chosen, parabolic shape, variable positioning points.


With the exclusive BRUSH O'MATIC system the brush, or the abrasive pad, can be quickly & easily replaced without need of tools


Watch Our Online Video Demonstration of The Eureka E81 Scrubber Dryer Machine


Eureka: Only the best!

 Eureka, to ensure floors are left clean and dry

A floor is only truly clean when it is left completely dry, but few blades in the world guarantee perfect results in a single pass.

Eureka places a powerful vacuum motor side by side with a heavy duty squeegee fitted with Linatex® or PRIMOthane® blades, to ensure surfaces are left clean and immediately ready for traffic in every circumstance.

linatex squeegee rubber adheres to the floor with impressive resistance to abrasion and wear

Linatex® is a rubber that adheres perfectly to the ground, guaranteeing impressive resistance to both abrasion and wear.

primothene squeegee rubber with high resistance to oils, fats and detergents

PRIMOthane® is the right choice in particularly difficult environments, due to its high resistance to oils, fats and detergents.

eureka squeegee blades can be used on all 4 sides without the need for tools

All of Eureka's blades can be used on all four sides.
The quick-change mechanism means the blades can be rotated or substituted in a single operation that is simple, fast and doesn't require tools.

Technical Features E81

  • Scrubbing Path - 810mm
  • Solution Tank - 80 litres 
  • Productivity - 3600m2/hr
  • Max gradient - 20%
  • Voltage - 24v
  • Recommended Batteries - 4 x 6v
  • On-board Battery Charger - Yes
  • Weight Without Batteries - 178kg



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Eureka E81 Battery Powered Pedestrian Floor Scrubber Dryer *** PREOWNED ***

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