301 Dustop Compact Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

The Mistral 301 Dustop is a unique industrial vacuum cleaner in its segment. This incredible industrial vacuum cleaner effectively combines the advantages of robustness , power and filtration efficiency of a real industrial vacuum cleaner, with the handling, comfort and user-friendliness of a typical commercial vacuum cleaner .

The Mistral 301 Dustop was developed by Delfin in collaboration with its customers who required the excellent performances of the largest industrial vacuum cleaners in a more compact body.

Hence the Mistral 301 Dustop was born, equipped with a powerful single phase Lamb-Ametek motor, a very solid steel chassis ( also available in stainless steel) and a completely modular multi-stage filtration system. Thanks to a modular design, this vacuum cleaner can be equipped with a high efficiency filter bag, a primary cartridge filter with a large filtering surface  (certified for class L as standard), a class H Absolute filter (HEPA ) or with a variety of special filters , specifically designed for specific applications (eg. NOMEX filter for suction of hot materials , TEFLON filter for suction of muddy materials , etc.).

Power - 230V

Frequency - 50 Hz

Power - 1.15 Kw

Depression - 2500 mmH2O

Airflow max - 180 m3/h

Surface - 6000 cm2

Filtration class ( primary filter) (IEC 60335-2-69) - L

Filter surface ( HEPA filter) - 11150 cm2

Filtration class ( HEPA filter) (EN1822)  - H14

Air load on primary filter - 225.00 m3/m2/h

Capacity - 13 litres

Suction inlet diameter - 50 mm

Sound level - 72 dB(A)

IP protection / Ins.Cl. IP - F

Dimensions - 48 x 46 x 85 cm

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Mistral 301 Dustop Compact Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

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