DM40 OIL Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

The DM40 OIL vacuum cleaner is a unique example of compactness and performance, the DM 40 OIL has been designed to meet the most demanding requirements of extraction and recovery of liquids, oils and emulsions, whether or not mixed with dust or mud. A series of filters always protects engines from oil and shavings. Thanks to the detachable container the discharge of collected material becomes fast and easy, minimizing the time of cleaning and consequently the downtime of production.

  • Detachable collection container with integrated floating device for liquids
  • Sieve basket for liquid / solid separation
  • Level indicator for vacuumed liquids
  • Dust filter for dry cleaning service
  • Tangential suction inlet with integrated cyclone

Technical Data

  • Power - 230 V
  • Frequency - 50 Hz
  • Power - 3.45 kW
  • Depression - 2500 mmH2O
  • Capacity -  100 litre
  • Swarf Capacity -  40 litre
  • Floating - SI
  • Suction inlet diameter - 80 mm
  • Sound level - 76 dB(A)
  • Dimensions -  69 x 66 x 113cm

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DM40 OIL Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

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