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 * 795 hours

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Eureka Magnum Ride On High Dump Vacuum Floor Sweeper (LPG Version) *** PREOWNED *** 



  • STRENGTH - The accurately selected materials, the quality controls and the compact solid design guarantee strength and reliability.
  • POWER - The hydraulic traction ensure excellent performances up to 12km/hr.
  • MANOEUVERABILITY - The Magnum is particularly compact to allow for maximum manoeuvrability in narrow spaces.  
  • EASE OF USE - All controls are simple and clearly marked.
  • ERGONOMY - All controls are ergonomically laid out.
  • LOW OPERATIONAL COSTS - This ride-one sweeper is absolutely user-friendly so that it does not need any training. On top of that it is completely hydraulic with low costs of maintenance.

The Multi-level dumping system includes: the hopper, located in front of the machine, can be hydraulically raised up to 1.540 mm from the floor. The hopper is actually floating on the floor, automatically adjusting to allow for easier pick up of larger waste

The main brush floats on uneven floors, and automatically adjusts itself when worn. Additionally, the exclusive “Multi Bristle ®” system enables the main brush to achieve exceptional performances.

The main brush can be replaced in a few seconds, without tools.

The petrol version is also adapted for use with LPG. It will therefore be possible to work in both indoor and outdoor applications with the same machine.

All parts, motors and engines are easily accessible for servicing as side, upper and rear panels can be fully opened. Batteries (EB version) can be replaced easily and quickly thanks to a battery trolley mounted on rolling bearings. This slides out for ease of use.


The Magnum is equipped as standard with a polyester bag filter, class L, which is particularly efficient for the retaining of fine dust, and has a much longer lasting life than all other traditional filters



  • Sweeping path with 2 side brushes (mm)- 1560
  • Sweeping path with 1 side brush (mm) - 1250
  • Sweeping path only main brush (mm) - 902
  • Capacity of dirt container (ltr) - 236
  • Dumping height, hydraulic lift (mm) - 1540
  • Forward speed (km/hr) - 11.5
  • Cleaning capacity (m2/hr) - 17940
  • Filter type - polyester bag
  • Drive - hydraulic
  • Drive Motor - hydraulic
  • Main Motor - Petrol - Kubota 29.5 Hp + Gas GPL
  • Battery system - 36V
  • Weight (kg) - 1163
  • Size (with brushes) (l x b x h - mm) - 1560 x 2380 x 1900

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Eureka Magnum Ride On High Dump Vacuum Floor Sweeper LPG Version *** PREOWNED ***

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