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Eureka E100 Ride On Scrubber Dryer

The Solution.

Brand: Eureka

Eureka E100 Ride On Scrubber Dryer

Product Code: E100

38 inch ride on floor scrubber dryer machine for large areas.


Tel: 0141 647 4200


Eureka E100 floor scrubber dryer wide cleaning path

Wide Cleaning Path

Durable stainless steel brush with an overall a cleaning path of 96 cm delivers incomparable productivity.

Eureka E100 Floor scrubber dryer eco system

ECOsystem ® Technology

Boost cleaning capacity up to three times on a single tank, the ECOsystem® effectively recycles active solution and increasing productivity.

Eureka E100 Dosematic solution control system

Dosematic ® System

Adjust in real time the proportion of detergent and water delivered to the ground. Full view of the detergent container enables the easy monitoring of consumption and rapid replacement.

Eureka E100 adjustable brush pressure

Adjustable Brush Pressure

Take full control of brush pressure and adjust according to the floor surface via a simple control, for consistently brilliant results no matter what the environment.

Eureka E100 floor scrubber dryer

Adjustable Squeegee

The stainless steel squeegee can be easily adjusted without tools, guaranteeing optimum water pick-up on any floor type.

Eureka E100 floor scrubber dryer

Linatex® or OLIRES® Blades

Only the best blades: Linatex® or OLIRES®. The blades are reversible. Coupled with the “quick-change” system reduce maintenance costs and downtime.

Eureka E100 floor scrubber dryer display


Is equipped with intuitive, simple to use one-touch controls.

Eureka E100 brushomatic system

Brush'O-Matic® System

Brushes can be simply released and connected automatically, no tools, no time wasted.

Eureka E100 floor scrubber dryer drive motor

Drive Motor

The motor is fitted inside the nose of the machine and is therefore protected against impact and humidity, it drives the front wheel via a lubricated gearbox.

Eureka E100 floor scrubber dryer machine powerful battery

Powerful Battery

Long life battery for maximum running time, can fit battery pack up to 300 Ah. On-board battery charger for easy, safe charging.

Eureka E100 floor scrubber dryer

Self Levelling Splashguard

The skirt automatically adjusts to the floor surface to avoid leakage of solution and to ensure optimum water pick-up.

Eureka E100 floor scrubber dryer filter

Stainless Steel Dust Filter

The fitler protects the vacuum-motor against dust/debris to ensure greater durability and a longer life.

Eureka E100 debris basket

Debris Collection Basket

The stainless steel basket retains all bulky waste collected during the drying phase, allowing for quick and easy disposal.

Eureka E100 floor scrubber dryer

Easy To Clean

Full access to the recovery tank facilitates easy cleaning to maintain tank hygiene.

Eureka E100 Chrome Technology

Chrome® Technology

The E100 in Chrome® with stainless steel frame guarantees even greater resistance to rust, humidity and the corrosive action of aggressive detergents. Scrub deck and squeegee are in stainless steel as standard.