Eureka E100 Scrubber Dryer

The Solution.

Brand: Eureka

Eureka E100 Scrubber Dryer

Product Code: E100

38 inch ride on floor scrubber dryer machine for large areas.

Tel: 0141 647 4200



Effortless Sanitisation

E100 is equipped with a large porthole which easily facilitates the the recovery tank cleaning operations. In addition the automatic sanitation of the Eco-System allows sanitization thoroughly and effortlessly the ECO circuit throughout its entirety.

Adjustable Brush Pressure

The E100 features the possibility to adjust the brush pressure according to the required setting. For this reason, the machine can work on smooth floors (i.e. where no abrasive action is required)

Self-leveling Splashguard with Pre- wash Setting

The skirt automatically adapts to the floor surface to avoid leakage of solution and ensuring optimum water pick-up.