Eureka E75 - £7535

The Solution.

Brand: Eureka

Eureka E75 - £7535

Product Code: E75-3020

Serial 3020 – 2019 Model – Very good condition – 117 hours use


Tel: 0141 647 4200


MBM Print SCS Ltd
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(Eureka E75) The operator is very happy with the handling, maintenance, charging etc. He has said the machine is easy to use and maintain, fits into tight spaces easily all round happy with the machine. The only thing he commented on was the wheels as he said it’s a bit hard going over bumps.
Gordon King
Technical Engineering Assistant
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The E75 scrubber dryer has been a good machine particularly in the light of a very dirty dusty environment and of frequent unauthorised use .
Glasgow Airport
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Having spoken with the guys who operate the machine on a regular basis, the feedback is primarily good. Comments in the main are, it’s very easy to operate and load up. It’s comfortable to sit on and manoeuvres well, and scrubs exceptionally good. Overall the rating 5!
Eclipse Blinds
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I find PTS an efficient and reliable company to deal with, all service work is carried out with care and attention. Our operator rates the E75 floor scrubber dryer very highly, most definitely a 5 star.
Distell Ltd
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It is easy to use. It is easy to fill up and empty. That it does a good job of cleaning the floors. (E75)