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Eureka Kobra Sweeper

Product Code: KOBRA

walk behind sweeper for small to medium areas

Tel: 0141 647 4200

Eureka Kobra Walk Behind Sweeper

Eureka Kobra Walk Behind Sweeper is ideal for the fast, efficient sweeping of small & medium size areas.

The Kobra has a main brush of 550 mm, a total sweeping path of 780 mm, and boasts a working capacity of 3510m2/hr.

The Kobra’s main brush, is made of  PPL plastics, allows for thorough cleaning of even the dustiest floors and narrow areas. 

The Kobra is equipped with a capacious rear dust collector and an ultra efficient polyester bag filter which ensures effectively dust free (99,9%) with maximum filter life and minimal maintenance.

It is available either driven by a petrol engine (Honda) or battery powered. The electric version, which is extremely quiet and pollution free, is particularly suitable for indoor applications.

The only thing you won’t believe is how much machine you get for so little money.


Premier Bonding
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We are delighted with the sweeper, with the nature of our business we need to maintain a clean environment in our bottling hall. Before we had the Kobra we had a lot of dust from the whisky casks gathering on the floor, which in turn gave us a lot of problems with dust on the bottles of whisky. We use the Kobra daily for 15 minutes and the difference is massive! Also very easy to use and all staff were trained in half an hour.
Facilities Manager
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PTS are a total pleasure to work with, they've supplied us high quality machines over the last 4 years Eureka Kobra sweeper and as well as training our crew on safe and efficient use, they service the machines regularly and are quick to deliver consumables and parts.
Forrest Furnishing
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Fantastic machine and service from PTS. Warehouse cleaning is easy with this machine 1 man job as opposed to numerous amount of staff with brushes, easy to use and empty.
Source Supplies
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This has to be the easiest commercial cleaning machine I have ever used. It is the definition of ‘Plug & Play’. Warehouse cleaning has never been so efficient. The machine has a lever throttle to assist in maneuvering the Kobra in straight lines and round corners. It’s really easy to control at whichever speed you choose to work at.
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Excellent machine - easy to operate & empty - our factory floors have never been so clean