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Eureka Picobello 151 Sweeper

Product Code: PICOBELLO

Multi award winning manual sweeper with dust control

Tel: 0141 647 4200

Picobello 151 Warehouse Sweeper with Dust Control.

The Multi-Award Winning Eureka Picobello 151 Manual Sweeper – Simple, Fast, Effective & Ecological.

The Picobello 151 combines PRODUCTIVITY, SIMPLICITY, ECOLOGY and VALUE FOR MONEY, and can be used anywhere there are small to medium floor areas to be kept totally dust-free.

The Picobello 151 is a very innovative manual sweeper, as it is equipped with a patented system that enables the complete control of dust, which would otherwise be raised when using any other traditional manual sweepers. 

Picobello 151 has an unlimited running time, it is completely silent and 100% ecological.

Simon Jones
Recycling Technologies Ltd
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I was surprised how easy it was to put together and then had a little play with it up and down the shop floor it did actually surprise me to how easy it was to manoeuvre around but also how clean the floor was after. Think this machine will be a keeper!!
Jane McLean
Paterson Aran Ltd
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I use the Eureka E61 & Eureka 151 manual sweeper, All I can say is wow wow wow, I call them my babies, I have used other washer dryers but none will beat the Eureka, Thanks very much, Jane McLean X
Phase 3, Connectors Line
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I love the Picobello sweeper. In fact nobody else is allowed to use it but me. There really is no alternative.
Churchill Contract Services
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Here on the SPT contract in Glasgow, we purchased two Eureka picobello sweepers from PTS recently. Great results have been achieved on the contract with the help of this equipment, I would rate all of it 5 stars. PTS, sales. Delivery, service and training has been fantastic, highly recommend them, wish we had discovered them sooner.
Thomas H Gardiner
Managing Director, Gardiners of Scotland Ltd
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We chose PTS Clean due to the fantastic build quality and competitive price of The machines. They are a huge benefit to our company as they are highly manoeuvre-able allowing cleaning in very tight spaces and also covering larger areas quickly and efficiently. Being food manufacturers hygiene is paramount and these machines ensure we keep to the highest standards of cleanliness for food safety and our BRC certification