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Xtrema Ride On Sweeper

Product Code: XTREMA

ride on high dump sweeper for medium to large areas

Tel: 0141 647 4200

Xtrema Ride On Sweeper


Our Xtrema ride on floor sweeper is a compact, completely hydraulically controlled, high dump sweeping machine designed and manufactured by Eureka to sweep congested areas and the ability to cover large floor areas quickly and efficiently.

The main brush width of the Xtrema is 800mm with a total sweeping path of 1.4 metres, so at full speed the Xtrema has an impressive productivity rate of 11,900 square metres per hour.

With hydraulically driven traction, container lift, brushes and vacuum fan, the Xtrema can sweep the dirtiest floors rapidly.  Furthermore routine maintenance is simple and downtime minimised as a result.

With a small 1600mm turning radius, the Xtrema is compact enough to sweep in narrow confined spaces that larger machines are unable to access yet speedy enough to cover larger areas with ease.

The Xtrema ride on sweeper offers the perfect balance of performance and value to businesses with a smaller budget to acquire the efficiency of a larger high-dump sweeper at a price they can justify and afford.

Watch the Xtrema ride on sweeper in action at some of our customers' sites

Factory warehouse floor sweeping machine