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20 Questions You Should Definitely Ask (Yourself) Before You Buy A Cleaning Machine

20 Questions You May Not Have Thought To Ask Yourself Or Potential Suppliers Before Buying A Cleaning Machine

Quick Guide To Buying A Cleaning Machine

With a direct link to suppliers online all over the world we can easily do our own product research and find the best deal right? 

However is a cleaning machine a “buy it now” or “add to cart” type of product?

  1. Is the supplier an established cleaning machine supplier, an online retailer or do they offer cleaning machines as an “add-on” product to their main business?
  2. Does the supplier have the machines in stock?
  3. Does the supplier have a showroom you can visit?
  4. Does the supplier have the technical expertise to correctly advise you on the best, safest and most economical solution for your needs?
  5. If you purchase a machine and for some reason it is not suitable, can/will the supplier swap the machine for a more suitable one?
  6. What is the expected lifespan of the machine(s)?
  7. What is included in the purchase price, warranty, servicing etc? 
  8. What happens if the machine breaks down?
  9. Can the supplier offer you a direct repair service?
  10. Does the supplier have all the parts in stock?
  11. How quickly will an engineer attend?  
  12. How much will it cost?
  13. Is the supplier suitably insured?
  14. Is the supplier compliant with health and safety at work & all relevant legislation?
  15. Can you hire machine(s) to “try before you buy” for extra peace of mind?
  16. What is the expected lifespan of consumable, replaceable and wear-and-tear parts?
  17. What is the cost of consumable, replaceable and wear-and-tear parts?
  18. Can the supplier provide customer references from businesses similar to your own who have purchased the same machine in the past and can confirm on-going quality of the equipment and service?
  19. Is the supplier’s quotation or offer particularly keen compared with others?
  20. Are models X, Y & Z comparable, if so, where else does the difference in cost come from?