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Industrial Vacuums.

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Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Finding an industrial vacuum cleaner to suit your needs is determined by a number of factors, first and foremost being what material you need to collect.

For use with – single phase power supply (most models are available in 240v and 110v versions.

Designed for – industrial cleaning and maintenance operations

Suitable for – collection & many wet & dry materials including liquids, solids, shavings and powders.

In Short – Portable, powerful & compact, available from 20 litre to 100 litre, M class filtration as standard (filtration efficiency 1 micron) and highly configurable specification to suit your exact needs.

For use with – threephase 400v power supply

Designed for – industrial cleaning and maintenance operations, suitable for use in harsh environments

Suitable for – collection & many wet & dry materials including liquids, solids and even the finest dust.

In Short – Powerful & robust vacuums with units suitable for continuous use.  Quick, effective suction with highly configurable specification including filtration options, tools and accessories to suit every application.

For use with – single phase (240v or 110v) or three phase power supply

Designed for – oil & swarf (collection, filtering, separation, recycling)

Suitable for – oils & shavings

In Short –  Models for every application, from portable and compact swarf vacuums to industrial vacuums capable of sucking and filtering up to 1000 litres of oil at a time (from over 30 metres away from the machine).

For use with – single phase (240v or 110v) power supply

Designed for – use in zoned areas within an ATEX environment where potentially explosive dusts or gases, vapours and mists are present

Suitable for – ATEX Dust Zone 20, 21, 22, Gas Zone 2, 

In Short –  ATEX Certified models for every application, from portable wheeled aspirators to large aspiration systems. In larger ATEX machines it is possible to install safety protections against explosions, such as ruptured discs, partition valves, or anti-explosion relief panels.