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Ruggy Bear Visits Mister Singh's India Restaurant in Glasgow

World Famous Indian Cuisine on the Menu

Ruggy Loves Haggis Pakora

Ever since holding their first charity event at “The World Famous” restaurant back in 2012 , PTS Clean have returned to Mister Singh’s India time and time again to enjoy the delightful Indian Cuisine and top class hospitality on offer in the city.

Despite our love of all things Scottish, some maybe shocked to hear that until very recently one very hungry member of the team hadn’t got round to trying Mister Singh’s famous haggis pakora. 

When Satty Singh heard of this absurdity he cordially invited Mister Ruggy Bear to join him for some of the best authentic Indian food in Glasgow.

Ruggy is now proud to be part of Mister Singh’s VIP wall of fame alongside some of the world’s most revered celebrities.